Dragon. Weapon Mastery Specials 5. They do not have any skills, nor do they provide any bonus to ATK. Evil Adell Ending - Adell has 100 or more Felonies, and has killed allies at least 100 times. Axel Mode/Land of Carnage Characters' Classes. It is boosted by attacking, counterattacking, and using Weapon Skills. You have 25% of your full HP. Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories Classes, Weapon Mastery Skills And Spells Created by: SephirothYuyX SephirothYuyX@Yahoo.Com ~~~~~ Version 1.00 Created On 09/07/06 Current Version 1.04 -- 09/20/06 ~~~~~ ~~~~~ 0. ... Class mastery stars increase base stats (beyond the default base stats of that class), which in turn increases stat growth in those stats. 1 Humanoid Classes. Intro 2. « Axes. Classes 4. Monsters don't have Weapon Mastery. Generic classes are classes used by characters that you create at the Dark Assembly, or that you capture during battle. There seems to be there (four?) < > Showing 1-8 of 8 comments . They're also talking about the sub-classes as well. A lover is special since the only way to spawn one is for having characters having the same items equipped for long periods of time. Myagony. Table of Contents ~~~~~ 0. The Majin class can only be unlocked through these endings. General Information 3. 1- Capture any enemy (Except boss) 2- Make the assembly approve the "Make a Trainer" bill 3- Make a Beast Master. Pass the bill to unlock the class. Unlocking Generic Classes At the beginning of the game, you can create Warriors, Valkyries, Martial Artists, Fight Mistresses, Magicians, Mages, Priests, Healers, Prinnies, Spirits, and Winged Warriors. At the beginning of each chapter, a new area is unlocked. 2.1 Disgaea: Hour of Darkness; 2.2 Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories; 2.3 Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice; 2.4 Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness Intro ~~~~~ … Weapon Mastery is essentially the level of experience a Humanoid Character has with a particular weapon. new classes, a giant crab, an unknown female class, and one that looks like the Android from Disgaea 4. Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood! Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness, known in Japan as Disgaea Dimension 2 (ディスガイア D2), is a 2013 video game in the Disgaea series developed by Nippon Ichi Software.The game is a sequel to 2003's Disgaea: Hour of Darkness for the PlayStation 2, where the respective main characters of that game are once again the focus.It was released on March 20, 2013, for the PlayStation 3 in Japan. Disgaea 2 PC - ~ The DEFINITIVE Edition! Additional humanoid classes can be unlocked by having characters reach specific weapon mastery ranks, though some classes have other requirements. https://disgaea.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_Disgaea_D2_Classes?oldid=49568, Fighter - Warrior - Destroyer - Gladiator - Warlord - Battle Master, Lady Fighter - Lady Warrior - Valkyrie - Minerva Lass - Freya - Iron Maiden, Red Skull - Green Skull - Blue Skull - Star Skull - Prism Skull - Galaxy Skull, Red Mage - Green Mage - Blue Mage - Star Mage - Prism Mage - Galaxy Mage, Heretic - Zealot - Martyr - Pilgrim - Farvashi - Anti-Messiah, Healer - Acolyte - Priest - Bishop - Cardinal - Saint, Fury Fatalist - Fight Artist - Champ of Fighters - Viper Fighter - Lethal Combatant - Boulevard Fighter, Wind Spinner - Thunder Fist - Storm Bringer - Sky Faller - Star Warrior - God Buster, Thief - Rogue - Scout - Bandit - Trickster - Master Thief, Onmyo Trainee - Certified Onmyo - Onmyo Master - Onmyo Professor - Onmyo Doctor - Onmyo Guru, Archer - Hunter - Shooter - Bow Master - Cupid - Freischutz, Gunner - Sniper - Outlaw - Hitman - Bullseye - Desperado, Exorcist - Diabolist - Holy Swordswoman - Battle Maiden - Carnage Princess - Blade Master, Heavy Knight - Iron Knight - Steel Knight - Mythril Knight - Adamant Knight - Aegis Knight, Genin - Chunin - Jounin - Oniwaban - Touryou - Shadow Master, Magic Knight - Dark Knight - Rune Knight - Mega Knight - Force Knight - Space Knight, Angel Page - Angel Squire - Angel Knight - Angel Baronet - Angel Champion - Angel Lord, Angel - Angel Cadet - Angel Soldier - Crusader - Avenger - Paladin, Beast Tamer - Beast Leader - Beast Lord - Beast Queen - Beast Master - Beast Savior, Shaman - Witch Doctor - Necromancer - Dark Elder - Purgatory Oracle - Soul Invoker, Masked Hero - Vizard Hero - Morphing Hero - Fixed-Up Hero - Galaxy Hero - Super Dimensionman, Private Prinny - Captain Prinny - Colonel Prinny - General Prinny - Prinny King - Prinny God, Ghost - Boggart - Specter - Wraith - Fiend - Phantom, Zombie - Ghoul - Corpse - Ghast - Wight - Zombie King, Dragon - Fafnir - Nidhogg - Ahzi Dahaka - Tiamat - Bahamut, Gargoyle - Guardian - Nebiros - Balrog - Seth - Pazuzu, Nekomata - Pao Mao - Tailring - Cath Palug - Ovinig - Bastet, Empusa - Lilim - Succubus - Carmilla - Hecate - Lilith, Mothman - Messenger - Watcher - Observer - Spy - Unknown, Alraune - Nemophila - Pharbitis - Belladonna - Photinia - Parthenocissus, Baciel - Gambiel - Adnachiel - Verchiel - Ambriel - Malchidael, Green Slime - Red Blob - Blue Gelatin - Ochre Jelly - Grey Ooze - Black Pudding, Catsaber - Warcat - Cait Sith - Grimalkin - Elbaccie - Lord Cat God, Chernobog - Death - Tezcatilipoca - Mrtyu - Samael - Thanatos, Pumpkin - Decoy - Mandrake - Scarecrow - Jack - Halloween, Golem - Spriggan - Ekim - Genie - Ullikummi - Gogmagog, Minotaur - Beast - Death Mowbuu - Humbaba - Arch Devil - Behemoth, Killer Armor - Curse Knight - Dullahan - Avenger - Demon Mail - Executioner, Ifrit - Satana - Marid - Flamberg - Slust - Agni, Serpent - Mizuchi - Sea Dragon - Rahab - Leviathan - Midgardsorm, Clio - Euterpe - Thalia - Urania - Polyhymnia - Erato, Level 25 Martial Artist or Fight Mistress, Use a mounted skill in battle at least once. At the beginning of the game, Warriors, Valkyries, Magicians, Mages, Healers, Thieves, and Prinnies are available to be created. Overlord Zenon has cursed the land, and now, Veldime is transforming into a nasty Netherworld. Disgaea 2 PC. Below is a list of where each type of monster is encountered for the first time. The whole game is centered around the town of Holt except for the Colosseum episode and the exit of the Colosseum. For Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days on the PSP, a GameFAQs Q&A question titled ".How do you unlock classes? will be replaced by a generic character. Each successive tier is unlocked by having a character of the previous tier at a specific level, as noted under Level Requirement. Staves are odd weapons. Revisons ~~~~~ 1. See each class's page for more information. If you like this guide and you're viewing it from GameFAQs, you can click the "recommend" link at the top of the page, on the GameFAQs wrapper. So these weights that has come in doesn't seems to fill in any spots. The town serves as a gateway to story maps, side quests, the dark council, and the item world. The … DESCRIPTION. Disgaea Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. But he's not good at dealing with busty women.Laharl, Disgaea RPG Overlord Zenon has cursed the land, and now, Veldime is transforming into a nasty Netherworld. Special classes are used by unique characters. Undead. There are 17 humanoid character classes. 200 characters includes the english alphabet, japanese alphabet, punctiation, and various emoticons totalying over 200+ in rich text features! Tskidless (Topic Creator) 3 months ago #2 I forgot the Dragon, Mounted Knight, Armor Knight (F), and Samurai. Once completed, a level can be replayed, though story characters (such as Axel, Etna, etc.) 1- … Special classes are used by unique characters. All can equip weapons and even learn weapon skills. ". He stands up to fight the curse, but things never go as planned. Staves. Table of Contents 1. Disgaea 2 PC. Lantern. Closing 7. Zefar. Additional monster classes can be unlocked by simply defeating that type of monster in battle at least once. The only one unaffected is a young man, Adell. All skills use up SP, but it can be replenished at the Hospital between battles or during battle through the use of Consumables.Most characters will learn some skills of their own, but others will have to learn Spells from Extra Gain, or Weapon Skills from using weapons. Free Download Disgaea 2 PC Game – Darkness is back. Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood! Golem. Players then take control of Adell in his hometown of Holt. Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories » Items. A Question About Disgaea 5 Class Mastery And Rank System. 1.1 Disgaea: Hour of Darkness; 1.2 Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories; 1.3 Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice; 1.4 Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten; 1.5 Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness; 1.6 Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance; 2 Monster Classes. They are demons who committed crimes so heinous that they are forced to wear heavy shackles and are kept in a special prison cell.