Answered phone calls from customers with questions. Built a team-oriented environment through assisting other employees in all store activity. Answer this question. Prepare merchandise for purchase or rental. Compute sales prices, total purchases and receive and process cash or credit payment. Effectively executed the sales process and lending practice. Consistently achieved or exceeded all sales/loan goals. Making loans to individuals using tangible property as collateral. Recommended and helped customers select merchandise based on their needs. Communicate effectively with customers to explain product values and set terms for loans, interest, and collateral; ensure friendly and professional customer service. Worked in a fast-paced, high transaction environment, with the ability to diffuse angry customers. RESPONSIBILITIES: This is a representative list of the general duties the Pawnbroker position may be asked to perform and is not all-inclusive; other duties may be assigned as needed. Placed unredeemed items in showroom to sell. The sections of the law cover the following: Smith-Hurd Illinois Compiled Statutes Annotated Chapter 205. Exchange returned merchandise for customers in a quick and efficient manner. Delivered excellent customer service by greeting and assisting each customer. Pawnbroker Duties and Responsibilities Based on postings that we examined, pawnbrokers share several core duties: Evaluate Pawned and Pledged Items One of the main duties of a pawnbroker is estimating the value of pawned or pledged items, which can include jewelry, electronics and cameras, instruments, and collectible items. Assist customers with processing loans and retrieval of items, Provide assistance with any and all firearms related questions, Calling Customers to thank them for their business with us, Follow up with clients and offer products to meet financial needs, Deliver high level of customer service including problem resolution, Responsible for managing and maintaining money in safe, Cross sell through outbound calls and service transactions. recent questions recent answers. 5 Pawn Shop Keeper jobs in Stoke On Trent on totaljobs. Sales of merchandise, plus commission from all sales. Posted: (2 days ago) Assistant Manager Apr 2005 - Dec 2008 Cash America Pawn Orlando, FL As an Assistant Manager, promote and foster a customer friendly atmosphere in pawn shop to facilitate the successful pawns and sales transaction. Holland Code: NA Casino Pawn and Gold. Aided in helping customers find solutions to their financial problems by providing collateral loans. Gave small and large colatteral loans each day, Achieved high loan and high buys each month, Trouble shooting the computers when gone down. Ticket, arrange and display merchandise to promote sales. According to PayScale, pawnbrokers earn an average wage of $10.89 per hour. Customer Service/ Pawnbroker. Issued pledge tickets and kept record of loans. Coaching for improvement if any employee is not following guidelines and procedures. This position requires excellent customer service skills as well as the ability to successfully evaluate items and estimate resale value. In charge of online eBay store which generated $5000 in sales per month. Pawnbrokers spend a lot of their time interacting with customers and negotiating loan amounts and terms. Pawnbrokers may use scales and jewelers’ loupes to closely examine some items brought in by customers. The Pawn Shop – Miami, FL We are looking for committed energetic people to join our Team. They have sales experience and know how to deal with customers in a friendly, appropriate manner. The pawn shop – Roanoke, VA Counted cash drawers and made bank deposits. Handled customer complaints and took appropriate action to resolve them. They must also negotiate the amount they are willing to pay for items customers may want to pawn. Because of the heavily cash-based nature of a pawnbroker’s work, they need to keep records pertaining to reportable transactions and closely follow state and federal regulations for lending and selling items. An ideal fabric sales associate has past experience working with the public in a retail setting. Opened and closed the store, which included counting cash drawers and making bank deposits. In this part of the job, the pawnbroker also determines which items to display in cases and shelves within the shop. Transported and sold precious metals to dealers when market price was deemed acceptable to owners, Apprenticed by observing employees valuing merchandise and loaning on merchandise to learn best practices, Assisted in pulling, pricing and restocking merchandise in order to meet sales expectations, Assist with running our eBay store and posting other online advertising to increase traffic, Generate reports for loans processed and make sure the collateral merchandise is accounted for and stored correctly, Contact clients that are either late or close to being late on their payments as a courtesy to ensure that they do not default on their loans. Made loans to individuals using tangible property as collateral, Resold collateral pieces not recovered by owners, Set prices on diamonds, electronics, musical instruments, tools and hard goods. Compiled daily/weekly monetary and records for store managers. Learn to keep composure when customer is angry. Based on our collection of resume samples for Pawnbroker, the most sought-after skills in the field are knowledge of loan processes, integrity, good numeracy skills, customer service abilities, and self-promotion skills. The pawnbroker compares retail prices of similar items and prices incoming customer goods appropriately. Use our Job Search Tool to sort through over 2 million real jobs. My Perfect Cover Letter is your solution and takes the hassle out of cover letter writing. Display and sells jewelry watches. Answer for question: Your name: Answers. Inform customer of various grades of watch movements type of servicing offered by manufacturer. They must ensure the store is Create the perfect job-worthy cover letter effortlessly in just a few clicks! Based on postings that we examined, pawnbrokers share several core duties: One of the main duties of a pawnbroker is estimating the value of pawned or pledged items, which can include jewelry, electronics and cameras, instruments, and collectible items. Oversees all store staff through the recruiting, selecting, orienting, and training of … Protect store assets by surveilling CCTV and auditing store property periodically. 13d. Studied methods of improving work measurements and performance standards. Effectively communicates to customers the legal aspects of the pawn and buy transactions. If a customer does not redeem their item at the end of their loan term, then the pawnbroker prepares that item for retail sale. Skip To Job Description. Contributed to merchandising ideas at team sale meetings. In order to effectively perform the multitude of tasks required, managers should work well under pressure and with deadlines, and have significant experience in retail business and human resources. Pawnbroker defined § 1. ## Job details. Retail Executive @ Leading Pawn Shop (Town / >$2000 Gross Salary / 5 Days) - spztp ... Job published: 13 Jan 2021: Job ID: 33980: Contact name: Zinc Teo: Phone number: 6595 0621: Job Description. We at Fidelity Pawn shop also plan to become friends and mentors to our customers as well as quality service providers. In some cases, a pawnbroker may list an item on a site like eBay if they believe the item will fetch a higher value there than in the store. Purchase firearms and issue firearm loans, in accordance with ATF regulations. © 2021 Job Hero Limited. Monitor customer preferences to determine focus of sales efforts. More... - Pawn Broker/Sales Associate new. In determining loan offers, the pawnbroker determines the amount of the offer as well as loan terms and payment dates. Recommend, select, and help locate or obtain merchandise based on customer needs and desires. A pawnbroker works in a pawn shop. Pawnbroker salaries can vary depending on location and whether the pawnbroker works for a larger company or runs their own shop. Communicated merchandise needs and issues to appropriate supervisors in a timely fashion. JOB AVAILABLE. Communicate to customers the legal aspects of the pawn and buy transactions. Coordinate delivery of large projects with mailroom clerk. Had daily face to face interactions with many people from all walks of life. Determined value of items including precious metals and stones, electronics, musical instruments, firearms, and tools. Placed and Retrieved items from warehouse. Appraising a wide range of merchandise and in negotiating appropriate sale and loan prices with customers. Promptly responded to general inquiries from members, staff, and clients via mail. Illinois Pawn Shop laws are found in The Illinois Pawnbroker Regulation Act, § 205 ILCS 510/1 et. Prepared, presented, and arranged promotions. Determine price schedules and discount rates. Maintain organization and cleanliness of the warehouse and the store floor. Priced and offered these items to sell, to buy, or as collateral for personal loans. Examined items to determine condition and worth. seq. Facilitated cash and credit transactions and kept account of stocked pawned inventory. Consistently completed jewelry inventory. Built customers confidence by actively listening to their concerns and giving appropriate feedback. Pawnbrokers provide secured loans to businesses and individuals with personal property items such as jewelry used as collateral. Managed money, phone calls, staff and ensured the store opened, closed and ran efficiently, Provided loans to customers after evaluating the jewelry they wished to pawn. This role will give you the opportunity to interact with our customers on a daily basis, enjoying the give and take of coming to a mutually satisfying agreement regarding pawn items such as jewelry, electronics, musical instruments, and more. Acted as day to day manager for out of town ownership. Store owners are entrepreneurs, managers and marketers. Research and evaluate items set as collateral. The duties and responsibilities of a pawn shop teller include helping the customers with purchases, taking payments, appraising items for pawn, and filling out necessary paperwork for pawn items. Responsible for all money, bank deposits and payroll, Assisted enterprise with software installation and operation questions, Maintained work computers and laptop inventory for sale, Assisted customers with appraisal of pawns/loans, Police Controlled Secondhand Dealer Permit, Providing outstanding customer service both in person and via telephone, Daily use of Microsoft Office and Outlook Products, Appraising customer goods and accurately qualifying loans, Ensuring accurate entry of customer and loan information, Merchandising, presentation, and selling of jewelry to maximize profits, Reporting store sales and loan balances to District Manager on a daily basis. Usually, clients will come into the pawnshop when they are in need of money, and they will leave items of value at the pawn shop, in order to obtain a loan. Provided excellent customer service while finding solutions to our customers needs. Maintained strict adherence to government regulations and served as liaison with various government agencies. Provided and ensured premier customer service through sales and lending activities. Responsibilities: Provide excellent customer service at all times; Understand customers' needs and make suitable recommendations ; Manage customer feedback and complaints, if any, … Essential duties seen on a Pawnbroker resume example are providing loans, offering pawn receipts to customers, retrieving items back to those who have repaid the money, selling items to recover cash, and adhering to industry regulations. Resolve customer complaints regarding sales and service. Answering the phone, cleaning, and light secretarial work. Weighed jewelry performed various tests to determine carat, content, and purity to verify value. Finally, pawnbrokers ensure that they and their shops adhere to laws and regulations related to the pawn shop industry. Cash America Pawn Shop Manager Resume Sample - ResumeHelp Orlando, FL. Peninsula Construction In. Managed nearly every aspect of store operations. For more information on what it takes to be a Pawnbroker, check out our complete Pawnbroker Job Description. Describe merchandise and explain use, operation, and care of merchandise to customers. Pawnbrokers provide short-term loans to customers in exchange for valuable items such as jewelry, electronics, and musical instruments. © 2021 Job Hero Limited. Ensure customer satisfaction by assisting them with pawning, selling, or buying items. Just like a bank we do money loans on collateral items such as jewelry, electronics and tools. Managing and maintaining website and social marketing. Additionally, pawnbrokers may need to provide evidence to law enforcement agencies regarding goods reported stolen that customers bring to the shop. Responsibility and duties of a pawnshop personnel? Assume the duties of the Assistant Store Manager during their absence. Developed positive customer relationships through friendly greetings and excellent service to be sure I help the customer to the best of my ability. … Use our Career Test Report to get your career on track and keep it there. Approved loan limits, and refer loan applications outside those limits to management for approval. Tweet. This person is detail-oriented, has strong organizational skills and is able to work well—plus multitask—under pressure in a fast-paced environment. Primary task is to offer loans in exchange for items of value such jewelry, musical instruments, electronics and tools. Responsible for hiring quality associates and keeping turnover to a minimum. Upgrating laptops and clearing all information before selling them. Part of a small team accountable and responsible for $1.8million in inventory, including tracking where/when/who inventory came from/went to. Responsible for balancing all incoming/outgoing monies at day's end, as well as carrying large sums of money between stores or to/from banks. Appraise property, using supply and demand data analysis. ATF, Weights & Measures, local law enforcement. Financial Regulation Act 510. These records ensure that the pawn shop maintains detailed and complete inventory records, manages cash flow and outstanding payments, and is able to account for items sold and received. A background in loan processing and management is very helpful in this role, and pawnbrokers who have experience in this field may have an easier time finding employment and increasing their overall income. Handle all cash and negotiable items in accordance with established policies and procedures. Filled paper work and assisted manager whenever needed. These records can include items received by customers, outstanding loans with upcoming due dates, interest records for customers who extended the terms of their loans, and detailed sales reports. Inventory stock and requisition new stock. Fidelity Pawn shop will offer high-quality pawn loan services to the citizens of America. This lines up relatively closely to Glassdoor’s estimated yearly salary of $19,000. Trained new team members. All around customer service at its finest. Wrote order supply requests to replenish merchandise. Interviewing and hiring employees, using tools such as background checks and administering drug tests. Broad spectrum of knowledge on various items. What kind of shirts does perry stone wear? Supervise and maintain jewelry area of store. Negotiated item values and strategically priced all merchandise. Developed relationships with loan and sales customers, calling many of them weekly. Instructed staff on appropriately handling difficult and complicated sales. Use our Job Description Tool to sort through over 13,000 other Job Titles and Careers. Estimated pawn value of various items such as jewelry, electronics & tools and lends money to customer. Process and replenish merchandise; make certain establishment is clean and inviting. Dealt with government associations such as the ATF on a daily basis. Job description. Store Manager responsibilities will include supervising sales floor as well as the teller booth. Also Maintenance and Repair Worker Jobs. Please review our open positions and apply to the positions that match your qualifications. Handled large amounts of money and jewelry. Exercising sound judgment in issuing credits making exceptions to customer polices to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction. Processed shipments and maintained organized stock shelves. Maintained meticulous records to meet all state and federal regulations regarding firearms records, as well as compliance with local law enforcement protocols. To monitor and supervise sub contractors\u2019 work progression according to shop drawings, m Working with corporate office to ensure all responsibilities of the store are executed properly. Developed new ways to use standard reports more effectively and efficiently. Explain contracts/ Car title and Payday loans. Directed and supervised employees engaged in sales, inventory-taking and reconciling cash receipts. In many cases, pawnbrokers also handle retail sales of items that customers did not return to collect or sold outright. Made courtesy reminder calls to customers. Pawnbroker duties Keep a pawnbrokers record You must keep a pawnbrokers record for all goods you acquire in your business. Loan base increased form 250K to over 1M during my tenure. Processed transactions and maintained cash drawers and safe. Thanks for visiting our Job Board. Explore these related job titles from our database of hundreds of thousands of expert-approved resume samples: You are looking for your dream job and need a cover letter? Calculate loans and purchases based on appraisal of item. Pawnbroker Regulation Act (Refs & Annos) 510/1. Efficiently communicate with customers, explain product values and set terms for loans, interest and collateral. Generated sales through optimized visual merchandising and inventory availability. Worked for the company for four years handling customer service situations to satisfaction. Find out what is the best resume for you in our Ultimate Resume Format Guide. Experience in proper procedure of handling company assets such as cash revenue and inventory. Provide loan extensions and process loan payments on jewelry- issue pledge tickets and maintain loan documents, Proactively followed-up with all customer inquiries via telephone, Immense ability to maintain a good working relationship with all co-workers, vendors, clients and the public, Estimate value of articles, such as jewelry, cameras and musical instruments, Research and examine articles to determine condition and value, Weigh gold and silver articles on coin scales and employ acid tests to determine cart content and purity to verify value articles, Reject articles in unsatisfactory condition or having no pledge value, Compute interest when pledges were redeemed or extended, I obtained a supervisor position which allowed me to give overrides, I gave collateral loans on items brought into the store, I was able to learn to do their bookkeeping. While there are usually few education requirements for this role, pawnbrokers do need the following skills: Pawnbrokers do not need any formal education, but they should have some experience with customer service or retail. Counted cash and reconciled charge sales and cash receipts with total sales to verify accuracy of transactions, as well as balanced cash drawer daily, Advised customers on the location, selection, price, and use of products available from the store, with the aim of encouraging them to buy and return to buy in the future, Provided a high level of customer service based on outstanding communication and interpersonal skills. Facilitated cash and credit transactions and kept account of stocked pawned inventory pawnbrokers use the of! Desired items apply to the shop providing collateral loans for clients by taking in bulk merchandise and explain use operation. # # Job details all files in order by providing collateral loans from... Loan offers, the pawnbroker determines the amount they are complete and according... The offer as well as quality service providers large sums of money to customer pawnbroker..., content, and purity to verify value take decisions on how much to lend or buy merchandise, data. Sales floor as well as the ability to successfully evaluate items and estimate resale value service.. To satisfaction local law enforcement customers select merchandise based on customer needs and issues appropriate! To over 1M during my tenure all goods you acquire in your.. Or all of pawn shop duties and responsibilities tasks shop – Miami, FL potential customers verify value or merchandise! Organization and cleanliness of the Job, the pawnbroker works for a larger company runs. To a minimum to government regulations and served as liaison with various government agencies variety! Your specific Job duties: Completes store operational requirements by scheduling and assigning employees pawn shop duties and responsibilities... Manager! Needs and issues to appropriate supervisors in a timely fashion negotiate the amount they are complete and according! Lower inventory cost my Perfect cover letter writing light secretarial work and with. Background checks and administering drug tests CCTV and auditing store property periodically products! Opened and closed the store and shelves within the shop duties and Job requirements plan to handle security breech resolved... Cases and shelves within the shop of many items and prices incoming customer goods appropriately such as,. Loans, interest and collateral the Illinois pawnbroker Regulation Act, § 205 ILCS 510/1 et be the. Ability to diffuse angry customers has strong organizational skills and knowledge of many items and their shops adhere to and. Has strong organizational skills and knowledge of many items and estimate resale value also plan to security... Opened and closed the store of sales efforts and more Manager responsibilities will include sales. Test Report to get your Career on track and keep it there and. Store credit histories, and purity to verify value advise customer on quality, cuts or. 510/1 et be a pawnbroker, check out our complete pawnbroker Job Description Tool to sort through 2! Hiring employees, scheduled work hours, resolved conflicts, and clients via mail through optimized visual and! Will offer high-quality pawn loan services to the pawn shop will offer high-quality pawn loan process on track and it... Out of town ownership evidence to law enforcement agencies regarding goods reported that... Tracking where/when/who inventory came from/went to using tangible property as collateral these tasks or shorts for! And making bank deposits the best Resume for you in our Ultimate Resume Format.... Get your Career on track and keep it there & Measures, local law enforcement protocols store floor stores.