Can you please tell me what is the proper breaker for me to use. Kevin,  you should not use 12/2 cable for this circuit because it will be too small because the circuit will be limited to 20 amps and the 18.9 amps required for this load is over 80 percent of the rated load for the 20 amp circuit. Any distance longer than that will have to be a # 4 and so on. peterbu. Satisfied Customers: 1,369. There are three other condensers used in HVAC systems: Water-cooled; Air-cooled; Evaporative; Applications: Air cooled – If the condenser is located on the outside of the unit, the air cooled condenser can provide the easiest arrangement. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. This set up consists of flat tubes, aluminium fins located in between tubes and two refrigerant manifolds.  Forced convection type condensers are commonly used in window air conditioners, water coolers and packaged air conditioning plants. NEC Table 310-16. While looking around in the heat pump condenser, I saw a bunch of low voltage wires inside the coil and at the bottom of the unit. Understand that most, if not all, air conditioning units will use electric motors to operate the unit. Electrical Troubleshooting tips for an Air Conditioner: I need a 2 pole 20 amp breaker for my panel box, It is for the wire to my air conditioning unit. I was told that on the 12/2 wire I need a 20 amp breaker, but in looking at different 20 amp breakers I see also other nos. This causes the wire to become smaller and the heat increases. Electrical Wire for the Home The high-voltage wires have two insulated power wires and one bare copper ground wire. They do it on every house every time, the same way unless someone instructs them to do it differently. FREE Shipping. Show More. 45. Sizing the correct wire for any electrical device is regulated by the National Electrical Code (NEC). Article 310 of the NEC contains multiple tables for the sizing of wires and the allowable amperage those wires may conduct. There are multiple flat tubes made of aluminium containing small channels (microchannels) through which refrigerant flows. Make sure to turn it off and disconnect it prior to starting any type of cleaning. Typically, the yellow wire will be run to the air handler where at the air handler, this wire is usually connected to another wire (typically by a wire nut.  In forced convection type condensers, the circulation of air over the condenser surface is maintained by using a fan or a blower. The Following  will assist you with your Electrical Troubleshooting Question: Electric panel Central AC wire sizing. In either case the ground wire is connected to the metal frame of the air conditioner condenser. Then they may still do it 50 percent of the time. I hope this helps, Thank you. It is for the wire to my air conditioning unit. From the Manufacturer of the condenser: 13 SEER unit (higher efficiency) Minimum Ampacity: 14.5 25 Amp Breaker LRA 68 Copper wires, not aluminum wires, are also the preference for conducting electrical power to motors. Answered in 41 minutes by: 5/1/2014. 4.3 out of 5 stars 25. These types of condensers eject heat to the outdoors and are simple to install. Kevin, the issue is not what size circuit breaker you should install, the issue is to make sure that the installed circuit will be exactly what the air conditioning unit is specifying which in this case is a 30 amp 230 volt circuit. Special termination techniques will need to be performed if aluminum wires … A review of the components: See the Underwriters Laboratory link in the Resources for a complete explanation. 3- Types of Electrical Wiring Diagrams For Air Conditioning Systems. The tag will indicate the voltage and amperage load draw of the air conditioning device. # 6 AWG is rated only for 40 amps. Fuse or circuit breaker 30 amps. Local regulations may exceed the NEC requirements, but they can never enforce a lesser ruling or exception. 7. Shop rags. This article looks at common 120 volt and 240 volt house wiring circuits and the circuit breakers that are installed identifying the types and amperage sizes used in most homes. Emery cloth. $90.69 $ 90. This unit contains key components of split AC like compressor, condenser, fan motor etc. Special termination techniques will need to be performed if aluminum wires are used for conducting power to such devices. Full-shrouded 10-inch fan with 12-volt torque/low amperage draw motor, provides efficient heat transfer. Note also the configuration of the plug prongs which will indicate the receptacle outlet counterpart that is required. This is where previous experience working inside a 240V electrical panel is an asset. Connect the wires in the air conditioning condenser junction box. The orange wire connects to terminal O on your thermostat. Thanks for your electrical repair question Kevin. The high-voltage wires from the air conditioner disconnect box (usually mounted on an outside wall within arm's reach of the air conditioner unit) are now pushed up through the wire clamp in the bottom of the box. To take-care the change in frequency of AC current, while using moving iron type instruments, (a) an induction coil is used (b) a condenser of suitable value is used in series with the swamp resistance (c) a condenser of suitable value is used in parallel with the swamp resistance (d) a … Dave’s Reply: The data plate on the condenser reads 1PH, 208/230 nominal volts, min ckt ampacity 17.2, max fuse or circuit breaker 30 amps hacr, my run is 50 to 60 feet from breaker panel to disconnect. The insulated wires may be either black and red, or black and white, but either way, they each carry 120 … "THW" and "THWN" are wire insulation classifications by the NEC. If the unit is not on a flat surface then it will vibrate excessively, which can lead to the breakage of copper pipes, coolant leakage and compressor/condenser damage. First of all, turn OFF the panel’s main breaker at the very top rated between 100 and 250 Amps (Figure 6). Table 310-16 shows that three wires of 6-gauge placed in a conduit will safely conduct 65 amperes of power. Many exceptions also apply to any electrical installation and the NEC should be consulted before any work begins. The voltage range for this wire falls between 0 volts and 2,000 volts. Sta-Bright Silver solder flux. If your distance is shorter than 100 then you ll be fine with # 6 or if you already have a 220 power supply installed on the other side of your house and is 50 or less then # 10 AWG we ll fine too. Higher temp rated wire insulation would be different. Home Circuit Breaker You're probably looking at a 3.5 ton unit, so you'll be in the 30-40A (10-8 AWG) range. All of these wires are covered in a general type THW or THWN insulation covering. Only air-source heat pumps connect to your outdoor condenser. This may be a lug or screw connection depending on the manufacturer. While most original condenser fan motors only have three wires, it’s very common for replacement condenser fan motors to have four. Most central air conditioners will use 240 VAC with up to 60 amperes of load draw to power the device. I have completed the task within .5 hr. I am installing a 2.5 ton lennox condenser and air handler and trying to calculate the wire size. According to the NEC, conductors or wires that transmit electrical power to motors must be of the stranded type of wire. The plug will also show how many wires are required for the circuit, for example 4 prongs would indicate a 3-wire circuit with a ground wire. It is the most common type of wiring Diagrams. The inspectors around here would reject a 40 amp breaker on #10 copper 60 C NM/UF cable. Share this conversation . This guide will explain how to wire your new condenser fan motor using a four wire setup or a three wire setup when using a single run capacitor or a dual run capacitor. Micro channel condenser coils are all aluminum coils. types handle different currents. 1… Electrical AC Power (Usually labeled L1, L2, and Ground) 2… DC Control Voltage (Usually labeled 1, 2 ,3) The AC electrical voltage will be 110-120 or 220-230 Volts. Dave, Electrical Questions and Electrical Answers, Are Computers Safe When Plugged into Home Electrical Outlets, Installing Outlets Near Air Conditioning Ducts. 51-100998-05 - Rheem OEM Replacement Condenser Fan Motor 208-230 Volt 1/3 HP. G.K. Bayne is a freelance writer for various websites, specializing in back-to-basics instructional articles on computers and electrical equipment. Hi Fox Family Heating and AC, Thanks for your recommendation for how to protect the 24v wires. The Window air conditioning units are fed from single phase power source (see Fig.3), so its branch circuit and its main power cord consisting of 3 wires (The ground wire, hot wire and neutral wire). Show Less. The larger line is known as the suction line, return line, or vapor line. Ask Your Own HVAC Question. MAPP Turbo-Torch, auto-lighting. Electrical Wiring Protection using Circuit Breakers The Selection of Wire largely depends on the Current it has to carry when the Appliance operates at Peak Loads & Peak Temperatures. They will always wire the following 30A for the AC, 30A for a dryer, 30A for a water heater, 50A for a range and 70A for the electric heat. The size of the home electrical service panel is designed by calculating the square footage of the home and factoring in the code requirements for the electrical circuits that are required. Read the same table to find the following amperage capacity for the typical wire sizes: a 12-gauge wire can safely handle 20 amperes, the 10-gauge wire will conduct 30 amperes, and the 8-gauge wire will carry 50 amperes. Copper wires, not aluminum wires, are also the preference for conducting electrical power to motors.  These condensers normally use fins on air- side for good heat transfer. Electrical Circuits If the plug indicates that it is rated for 20 amps then a dedicated 20 amp circuit will be required consisting of #12 copper wire and a 2-pole 20 amp circuit breaker. House Wiring Circuits and Circuit Breakers  The fins can be either plate type or annular type. The other 2 wires supply the 220 VAC to the condenser. What size wire and breaker do I run use for a Fridgare 18000 btu window unit 230 volts 12 amp? Eliminated cause of engine overheating - R12 or 134A. HC37GE210A - Payne Upgraded Replacement Condenser Fan Motor 1/5 HP 230 Volts. Eventually the current becomes too much for the wiring and it breaks off again creating a dangerous condition. Homeowners with geothermal heat pumps have no use for the orange wire. There is two types of wiring that will need to be done. Comfort Specialist, HVAC Technician. Copper refrigerant lines play an essential role in air conditioning systems: They are responsible for carrying the refrigerant between the condensing unit and the evaporator coil. The solid wire will become brittle enough to eventually break off completely while stranded wire will lose strands one strand at a time from this effect. Wiring sizes are all based on the amount of voltage and the load amperage of the circuit. I don't argue with the inspector and do what their department requires. Home Electrical Wire Step 4 - Wire the AC to the Electric Panel. Some regulating agencies may require all electrical work to be performed by a licensed electrician. Kevin, you should not use 12/2 cable for this circuit because it will be too small because the circuit will be limited to 20 amps and the 18.9 amps required for this load is over 80 percent of the rated load for the 20 amp circuit. The orange wire only applies to homeowners with an air-source heat pump. Minimum circuit ampacity 18.9.max. A guide to home electrical circuit breakers and how they work to protect your electrical wiring. What type of wire should I use to run from the ac unit to the air handler and what is the wiring diagram. Further, the vibrating unit makes lots of noise which could disturb you and your neighbors. # 6 AWG wiring is sufficient but only up to 100 run. Complete listing of electrical wire types and parts used for home projects with electrical code information serves as selection guidelines. Fig.3: Window Air Conditioning Unit Power Circuit This electrical question came from: Kevin, a Homeowner from Canada. We show you how to install a Vintage Air Compac Gen II A/C System in a 1941 Ford Woodie. The specs are rated voltage 208/230 phase 1 hertz 60 voltage min 197 max 253. 69. Hi Experts- I am setting a new condenser unit for central AC and need to know the gauge of wire to run to the disconnect box. Installation of the Model S-6 Remote Condenser allows free passage of air through the radiator, unobstructed by an air conditioning condenser. 4.1 out of 5 stars 65. Add air conditioning - without hindering air flow through your radiator. Hi Don, $172.45 $ 172. 3.1 The Ladder Diagram. There are two copper lines that run between the condenser and the evaporator coil. This metal tag will be near the electrical connection box for the unit. It's going to completely depend on the unit that's being installed, but commonly it'll be 30-60 amp with 10-4 AWG wire. Category: HVAC. The Air Conditioner Specifications Tell It All The specs are rated voltage…. Other Types of Condensers. No solid wires may be used. Understand that most, if not all, air conditioning units will use electric motors to operate the unit. According to the NEC, conductors or wires that transmit electrical power to motors must be of the stranded type of wire. Bayne began her writing career in 1975 and studied history at the University of Tennessee. Pipe cleaning brush. I would put a 40amp breaker on #10 copper if it has 90 C rated THHN/THWN/XHHW insulation. Silver solder rods. Get it as soon as Fri, Jan 15. Electric Circuit Listing HVAC Technician: Comfort Specialist, HVAC Technician replied 6 years ago. Let us outline a few tips which can help you clean it easily. The circuit specifications of the AC cord should be visible in the molding of the face of the plug. What wire do i use for 3 ton ac condenser that need 30 amp breaker 10/2 or 10/3 - Answered by a verified Electrician We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. There are three basic types of wiring diagrams used in the HVAC/R industry today, which are: The Ladder Diagram, The Line Diagram, The installation diagram. The 30 amp circuit requires #10 AWG wire or 10/2 cable that will be protected by a 30 amp circuit breaker. The bare copper wire is the ground wire it needs to be connected to the green wire in the condenser junction box. How to Solder an AC Condenser By Jerry Walch Things You'll Need. It will be supplied from an electrical panel which will hold all the breakers for a home. The … When properly installed, your home electrical wiring is protected by a circuit protection device. 11 years ago. Electrical Question: I need a 2 pole 20 amp breaker for my panel box. The specifications for your 18000BTU AC unit is helpful, however the size of the circuit for this particular AC unit would be indicated by the size of the male plug-in on the end of the cord. Here is some basic advice for those building a street rod. The wire amperages and sizes are all based on a general installation and local regulations may supersede these requirements. Furthermore, it will be one of the few control wires (thermostat wires) that will terminate at the condenser in a split system air conditioner and heating system. as q22o etc. FREE Shipping by Amazon . Use the nameplate data from step 1 above to find the correct size wire to conduct power to the central air conditioning unit. The 30 amp circuit requires #10 AWG  wire or 10/2 cable that will be protected by a 30 amp circuit breaker. It might be worth it to get a few quotes from local HVAC companies, and see what they want to install. Locate the nameplate data tag on the air conditioning unit. Consult local regulations or building covenants that may require a stricter wire sizing or installation. It is important to clean your AC condenser unit from time to time, as this will greatly help to increase its efficiency and ultimate performance. Silver soldering the copper lines to an air conditioner's condenser unit is not rocket science, but it does require attention to detail. More Buying Choices $80.00 (4 new offers) Amazon's Choice for replacement condenser … No solid wires may be used.