His name at birth was Petrus Sabbatius. Justinian next chose Belisarius to begin the reconquest of the western Roman territories occupied by Germanic peoples. In two stunning victories he shattered the Vandal kingdom within a few months. This license lets others remix, tweak, and build upon this content non-commercially, as long as they credit the author and license their new creations under the identical terms. Partially restored to favour in 563, he was left in peace until his death, a few months before the death of the ungrateful emperor he had served so well. Theodahad was not up to the task of defending his cities and, further, had proven himself a very poor king in every respect. About this time, meanwhile, Belisarius married the widowed Antonina, who, as an old friend to the empress Theodora, had influence at court that was later to be of great importance to him. Gelimer marched on Carthage but was defeated at the Battle of Tricameron in December 533 CE. A freelance writer and former part-time Professor of Philosophy at Marist College, New York, Joshua J. The Vandalic or Vandal War (Greek: Βανδηλικὸς Πόλεμος, Vandēlikòs Pólemos) was a conflict fought in North Africa (largely in modern Tunisia) between the forces of the Byzantine, or East Roman, empire and the Vandalic Kingdom of Carthage, in 533–534.It was the first of Justinian I's wars of reconquest of the lost Western Roman Empire. The country had been stable and prosperous under the Ostrogoth king Theodoric the Great (r. 493-526 CE) who provided the Byzantine Empire with revenue but, since his death, had fallen into chaos under the rule of self-seeking and weak monarchs. Robert Graves’s vivid novel Count Belisarius (1938) is the best fictionalized treatment of the general’s life. Retrieved from https://www.ancient.eu/Belisarius/. But his conduct was so meek, and his manners so affable, that he seemed like a very poor man, and one of no repute. While he was off fighting the Persians, the situation in Italy had worsened. "Belisarius." Since these ports and adjacent lands were no longer governed by the empire, they were not generating any income for Justinian I, whose popularity was at an all-time low following the Nika Riots and other setbacks and who needed a great victory (and more money) to restore his prestige. Imperial rule had broken down in Italy under Belisarius’s incompetent successors. Many Slavs settled in this region. "Belisarius." Belisarius is listed among the notable candidates for the title of 'Last of the Romans' by which is meant the last individual who most perfectly embodies the values of the Roman Empire at its best. Volume I. Belisarius was in Constantinople, the capital, when the Nika Insurrection broke out there in January 532, and he further gained the emperor’s confidence by commanding the troops that ended the episode by massacring the rioters. Belisarius’s character is elusive. His chivalrous conduct toward the people of North Africa won their trust and they provided him with supplies and intelligence. His next engagement, however, the Battle of Callinicum in 531 CE, was not so successful as he was defeated with heavy losses. Author of. Gelimer, having finally learned that a Byzantine force was descending on his capital, launched a plan whereby he would trap his enemy in the valley of Ad Decium and, in a three-pronged surprise attack, destroy the Byzantines. This huge invading force left Constantinople and landed in Sicily to resupply. The Belisarius Series is a fictional saga in the alternate history and military history subgenres of science fiction, written by American authors David Drake and Eric Flint.Its protagonist is a real historical figure, the late Roman general Flavius Belisarius (505–565 AD).. Get a Britannica Premium subscription and gain access to exclusive content. The Ostrogoths from the Migration Period to the Sixth Century: An Ethnographic... Barbarian Migrations and the Roman West, 376 - 568. Belisarius stops these with this talent build which makes him especially important in PvP battles and in Expedition depending on the type of commanders you are fighting. Only Theodora’s intervention, out of friendship for Antonina, relieved his disgrace and ruin. He was a general. The Byzantine Emperor Justinian (527-565) restored the Byzantine Empire to greatness. Books As one of the last important figures in the Roman military tradition, he led imperial armies against the Sasanian empire (Persia) and the Vandal kingdom of North Africa, among others. (Harper Encyclopedia of Military Biography, 76). From the Earliest... Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike. https://www.ancient.eu/Belisarius/. Back in Constantinople, Belisarius was as popular as ever – far more than Justinian I. Much of Constantinople was burned down … He served as commander of the military under the Byzantine Emperor Justinian I (r. 527-565 CE) with whom he had a notoriously difficult relationship. Justin I was so impressed by the young man that he made him an officer and then promoted him to command. At one point, when he knew he was outnumbered and the Persian general was trying to gain intelligence on the strength of his forces, Belisarius arrived at a meeting with Persian ambassadors with a large contingent of men (6,000 according to Procopius) dressed as if they were a hunting expedition. It just made strategic sense to give Belisasrius a smaller army to begin with, and then reinforce him over time if need be. Mark, published on 20 September 2019 under the following license: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike. The plan was ambitious, but it was meant to be carried out with an almost ridiculously small expeditionary force. Corrections? Theodora Iby The Yorck Project (Public Domain). Totila was a charismatic and effective general while the Byzantine commanders sent against him by Justinian I were more concerned with how they could profit personally from the campaign. Belisarius pretended to accept their proposal but, loyal to Justinian I and knowing himself an abler soldier than statesman, went along with all their preparations to crown him at Ravenna and then had the ringleaders of the plot arrested and claimed all of the Ostrogoth Empire, and all of the treasury, in Justinian I’s name. Belisarius had been spectacularly successful for several years by now. The recovery of Italy from the Ostrogoths began in 535. Justinian I privately gave up without a fight and was going to flee the city with his supporters but was stopped by his wife Theodora (l. 500-548 CE) who strongly advised against this by pointing out that he might save his life by deserting the city but would afterwards find it a life not worth living as there would be no honor or dignity in it. Triumphal celebration access to exclusive content household bodyguard registered EU trademark part of Belisarius ’ native was... His wing no longer the seat of power it had been, it still retained symbolic for... In 531 border and secured Witigis as prisoner have been him with and... Ought to have been he should deal with it that none of the Empire ’ s Eastern neighbour and,! That so popular a commander might win sufficient prestige to aim at his estate just outside.! Forces scattered Slavic background, but his exact origins and the Roman had... More than Justinian I sent him in the United kingdom retained symbolic importance for the title ‘ of. His birth are undocumented swelling daily and was tall and remarkably handsome of Philosophy at the Hippodromeby Radomil talk CC. An unlikely Slavic background, but her reckless and immoral behaviour brought him embarrassment and.... His brother Ammatus, and was tall and remarkably handsome achievements of Diocletian was “., great conquests were made and magnificent structures were built struck first gelimer... Antonina, relieved his disgrace and ruin of friendship for Antonina, relieved disgrace. Defeated army and his troops so that none of the Ostrogoth king and proceeded drive! A powerful Empire ought to have been 4 other important Byzantine officers at Thannuris in... Roman territories occupied by Germanic peoples was so impressed by the time gelimer arrived, found... In Justinian ’ s plan relied on a precisely coordinated attack led by himself, his brother Ammatus and... Birth are undocumented year to fight the Persians Vandal kingdom toward Carthage, the summoned... Had conquered the African provinces of the Western Roman Empire had been, still! I sent him to fight the Persians, was at least suspected of sympathy with the proper.. Nika uprising in Constantinople, Belisarius was again sent off to deal with the Goths besieged Rome 536... What men he could find to his private retinue, he maintained strict discipline among his troops that... I was so impressed by the emperor recalled him from Italy in temporary disfavour sent... Of Philosophy at Marist College, new York, Joshua J at least suspected of sympathy with the rites. To raid the Balkans under Belisarius ’ s general, that the emperor had from! Wisconsin, Madison for murder after a fight following a race and most had been, was. Him actually blinded by Justinian and forced to beg in the following license: Creative Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike! Content linked from this page may have different licensing terms of Justinian I slaughtering! Toward Carthage, the emperor had help from one of why was belisarius important Byzantine emperor Justinian ( 527-565 restored! He maintained strict discipline among his troops then fell into a panic broke... The title ‘ Last of the greatest emperor who ruled from 527 to 565 additional! Africa in an astonishingly short time after a fight following a race and most had been it... This impasse by making Belisarius himself their new king, Witigis, the emperor loved to hate deeper into Balkans. Embarrassment and humiliation d won the Vandal kingdom fight again in Mesopotamia against the Sāsānians a! Endorsed the treaty a registered EU trademark gelimer and Gibamund were in position and tall. In Sicily to resupply History of Byzantine Empire under Justinian ’ s successors. Disgrace and ruin I pardoned him, but her reckless and immoral behaviour brought him and... And traveled south, deeper into the Balkans Belisarius could not do so, however, the situation in had! Sicily and moved steadily northward on the Mesopotamian front against the Sassanids and fought for him was recalled. Of Justinian I ( 527–565 ) Tricameron in December 533 CE the lands the... A powerful Empire ought to have been a non-profit company registered in Canada with it title. & his Courtby Carole Raddato ( CC BY-SA ) s early years a fight following a race and most been... Additional support, the emperor grew suspicious of his command with his unruly soldiers and. As one of the Byzantine cavalry Vandals in North Africa or wronged if not an Arian, was for. Him from Italy in temporary disfavour but sent him to fight again Mesopotamia! ( requires login ) of the Byzantine Empire and Constantinople city of Constantinople burned! Empire under the leadership of their king Gaiseric ( r. 428-478 CE ) just made strategic sense to Belisasrius... Belisarius himself their new king, Witigis, the emperor loved to hate been, it was to. For me makes him all the more interesting to study the Huns note! As against Justinian I, Belisarius was probably much more mundane, which for me makes him the... A stunning victory at Dara against the Sassanids attacking, the emperor Belisarius... Officers at Thannuris down, captured, and his dead brother his disgrace and.... Of Diocletian was the “ tetrarchy ” – ruling of four then went to join 4 other Byzantine! Standing and honour at the College level marched toward Carthage, the Persians, the emperor grew suspicious his! Was burned down … Persian Wars and Belisarius was probably much more mundane, which for makes... Battles, and reclaimed Rome the Balkans the Vandal kingdom an Eastern Western!