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The first part of the walk is exposed, and strong winds can slow progress, but there's an enjoyable scramble in the Chalamain Gap and crossing of the Lairig Ghru. As well as reading our description of each walking route, you can read about the experiences of others users on this walk and others.There are 1 user reports for this walk - click to read them. County/Area - Highland. Please let us know by clicking here. Go diagonally across this and take a path off the far side, again coming alongside the Allt Mor. Turn right here onto a path towards Loch Morlich. Eventually it descends to cross the tiny burn of the Caochain Dubh a' Chadha; ignore a rougher path that heads off right for the Eag a' Chait. Follow the path to Utsi's Bridge reached on the outward route. Nat Park - Cairngorm. Ignore the rougher park that forks off right (towards Rothiemurchus Lodge), instead continue down the main path through the trees, high above the Allt Druidh. The path repairing is till on going at the Lairig Ghru side of the Chalamain Gap. Do not cross but instead turn sharp left to retrace your steps back to the Sugarbowl. Note: The distances quoted to other walks in the vicinity are measured in a straight line. Bus to Sugarbowl car park, from Aviemore. Once through the gap there are new views ahead to the Sron na Lairige ridge of Braeriach. Grade - hard. The summit of the mountains was once an observatory built in 1883 … Braeriach via the Chalamain Gap Walk. It can be bypassed on the west side by a narrow path which can just be seen on the right at the start of the gap when coming from the north. It forms the centerpiece of this grand circular walk that combines many of the finest aspects of the Cairngorms - rocky, bare mountainsides, beautiful pinewoods, and forest lochs. I wouldn’t fancy trying to cross this in winter conditions as deep snow would make this area particularly dodgy underfoot, but we made fairly quick progress despite the large boulders (this was the first of many bouldery sections of the walk). Coupled with the climb itself, you've got all the components for a classic day in the Cairngorms, … The Chalamain Gap is a narrow, rocky pass between Creag a' Chalamain and Lurcher's Crag - a route which is notoriously choked with boulders. Chalamain Gap/Lairig Ghru. Recommended Books & eBooks. The views from the top are indeed superb! Go straight across when a track cuts across the route, continuing through the edge of the Allt Mor car park and keeping ahead to cross a footbridge over the Allt Mor. Moving through them is a full body experience weaving left and right, climbing up and down, a hand hold here, a knee used there. Get answers to your questions in our photography forums. The walk begins from the Sugarbowl car park which is part way up the hill road from Glenmore to the Cairn Gorm parking area; there is a parking charge. The route from the Sugarbowl Car Park crosses below the northern corries and passes through the impressive boulder-filled Chalamain Gap, before dropping into the Lairig Ghru. From this point one path climbs to Braeriach and another goes through the Chalamain Gap to the Cairngorm Ski Centre. Photographer : Peter Smyly. We'll be staying at the Badaguish Outdoor Centre. At 1,296m, Braeriach is the third highest mountain in the British Isles after Ben Nevis and Ben Macdui. Starting in the Lairig Ghru, this is a repair and build contract on the path that leads through the Chalamain Gap and towards the Sugar Bowl car park. The route from the Sugarbowl Car Park crosses below the northern corries and passes through the impressive boulder-filled Chalamain Gap, before dropping into the Lairig Ghru. Ignore any tracks off to the right - and some waymarked paths off to the left - to eventually leave Loch Morlich behind, continuing through the pinewoods until the track emerges at the Hayfield car park. There are great views ahead of the Northern Corries of Cairn Gorm. Length - 15.0 miles / 24.4 km. A challenging walk in the hills of the Cairngorm National Park. At Waymark 14 there are steps up to the site of the Sinclair hut - and much of the path thereafter has been reconstructed. Braeriach via the Chalamain Gap Introduction to Walk 2421. This was a long and gruelling day. From south it is picked up from the track up Creag a' Chalamain. The heavy foot traffic … Braeriach – Chalamain Gap or Coylumbridge? There is no need to cross the burn - instead turn right down the near side, soon picking up the clear path from the Lairig Ghru down towards Rothiemurchus. Scotland is under national lockdown. The route is strenuous and long but rewarding. The name "Chalamain Gap" has been applied relatively recently to this ravine, since in Alexander (1928) the author does not name the gap, but describes it - writing: a fine example of the "dry dens" or ravines which are found at various points on the Cairngorms, and which are supposed to have formed by glacier overflows or side streams Go straight across the road onto a rough path here, soon meeting a well-made path that runs parallel to the road - turn right along it. The visibility was poor in the low-hanging mist, but the temperature was quite warm and so we were all walking without our jackets on. Click for details, Hear pronunciation Press to hear pronunciation. Walking can be dangerous and is done entirely at your own risk. The Eag a’ Chait, on the other hand, has a path all the way through its relatively paltry collection of rocks, but is a fascinating feature. The magnificent walk from Cairn Toul to Braeriach follows the edge of a vast plateau around the Cairngorms' most spectacular corries. The Chalamain Gap is a bouldery defile on the path that links the Cairn Gorm ski road with the Lairig Ghru. At the next junction of tracks - close by Loch Morlich, turn right to follow the track that heads round the southern side of the loch. In some winter conditions the gap can be an avalanche hazard, in which case it may sometimes be safer to pass over Creag a' Chalamain. On the Cairngorms expect winter even in summer, so be prepared for all weathers! The path is well maintained and keeps above the burn, soon swinging round to the west. Begin the walk from the information board, taking the path to the left of it that climbs up to soon meet the road. The most usual, quickest route to Braeriach is there-and-back via the Chalamain Gap from the car park part way up the ski-road. Once over the bridge turn right as the path runs briefly beside the burn - a rough stretch with boulders - and then along some wooden boardwalks before eventually emerging on the road. You need to log in as a member of Walkingworld to access the details for this walk. This circular route reaches the summit via the Lairig Ghru and returns via the northern corrie rims and Gleann Einich. The main path now continues southwest, aiming for the rocky defile of the Chalamain Gap. Visibility down to about 50-150 yards all day in snow (may 13th!!!) Expert news, reviews and videos of the latest digital cameras, lenses, accessories, and phones. ... Nearly a mile and a half further on, after you have dropped to the side of the burn, you are at the Chalamain Gap turn off, on the left. Once atop the high bank there are great views looking back over Glen More and the Ryvoan Pass; turn left along the path high above the burn. Braeriach via the Chalamain Gap Grade - hard Length - 15.0 miles / 24.4 km. Braeriach, Cairn Toul, Sgor an Lochain Uaine and The Devils Point Climbing is moderate but there is a lot of it. The mountain stands at 4,409 feet above sea level. Buses from Aviemore go to the Cairn Gorm ski centre near the start point.
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