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Chimney chase covers are an issue for homeowners for two reasons: one, they have a relatively short lifespan and two, they can’t be fully seen and are therefore often overlooked. A chase cover keeps rain, snow, pests, and debris like leaves out of your chimney and helps prevent damage to the chimney itself, the fireplace and the framework of a home. Chimney Chase Covers. What is a chimney chase cover? The chimney cap goes on top of your chase cover. These covers are your chimney’s primary protection from water seeping in and causing damage. The top of the chimney is the most exposed area and it needs the most protection! Chimney chase covers are an essential part of maintaining a safe, well-functioning chimney. Chase Covers; Chimney Caps; Chimney Housings; Chimney Sweep Brushes; Components; Dampers; Misc; Uncategorized; AMERICAN CHIMNEY SUPPLIES IS A MANUFACTURER OF SHEET METAL PRODUCTS. These items also serve as a nice decorative addition to any roof / chimney and are normally fabricated with copper, stainless steel, lead coated copper, pre-patina copper and freedom gray. Sort By: SKU Product Price Default Sales Add date Rating. Like a lid on a shoebox, the cover effectively seals off the top portion of your wood, metal or vinyl sided chimney, reducing unnecessary damage. A rusted and corroded chase cover, however, soon allows water to access the chimney, access … Chimney chase covers often rust over time and may even drip rust stained water onto the exterior of your chimney. Metal chase covers similarly cover the entirety of the chimney top but are used mostly with prefabricated chimneys. That’s why it’s important for homeowners to not only understand the difference between a chimney crown, chase cover and chimney cap, but how they help protect their home and chimney. Our experience will show through when we craft your chimney cap. It is a metal shield that covers the top of your chimney, or chase, to prevent rain, melting snow, and everything else from entering into the chase. A lot of chimney chases were built over the years with a galvanized or painted steel chase cover on top for protection. Every chimney shroud, cap, or top below is custom made to order per your measurements and / or design changes. Chimney Chase Covers. A chase cover serves a role akin to the chimney crown on a masonry chimney, directing water away from the top of the flue and protecting the surfaces at the top of the chimney. The chase, which is the metal “stack” of a prefabricated chimney serves to protect the chimney flue and to add visual appeal to a factory-built unit. Request service now to have your chimney cover replaced or call (904) 268-7200 and speak with one of our knowledgeable team members. A chimney cap is a metal topper that covers the opening of your flue. Chimney Chase Covers & Caps. The chase cover does not protect the end of the chimney pipe — it only seals off the end of the chase. The smallest gap or hole on the chase cover can lead to expensive water damage. To understand what a chimney chase cover is, it’s necessary to know the term “chimney chase.” Depending on the material, these covers can rust, meaning it’s important you have a cover in good condition to extend the working life of your chimney. A chimney chase cover is also commonly referred to as a chase pan. Factory built fireplaces often have chase covers, or in layman’s terms, metal covers. Clean Sweep Chimney Sweeps Phone: 864-228-8163 Fax: 864-408-9116 Business Hours: Monday-Friday 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Company Information. Owens Chimney Covers Offers Custom Chase Covers At Wholesale To Fit Your Specific Needs. Chimney Chase Covers. Chimney covers protect your fireplace flue from rain, animals and debris. Call or Email us today for a Free Quote on a Custom Chimney Cap. Chase covers are custom made to fit your chimney only. Chimney Caps Vs. Chase Covers. On most prefabricated chimney and fireplace systems, the exposed pipe coming from the roof will be encased in what is known as a chase; This is the vinyl, wood, or brick structure that you’ll see coming up just below the chimney cap. Custom Chase Covers – Please Call For Pricing 631-434-2020; Product categories. A chase cover prevents water from entering the chimney. Over time, chase covers can become damaged and need to be repaired or replaced. This prevents smoke and fumes from blowing into your house on windy days. Shrouds and Chase Covers. Stainless Steel or Copper Custom Shroud on Chase Cover. Chimney chase covers are located at the top of chimnies and are made of metal and serve to keep unwanted elements out while still affectively allowing smoke and dangerous chemicals to vent away from your home, fireplace, and flue. At Chimney Champions® our goal is to ensure your home has a chimney that is safe and functional. Local Company. Chimney chase covers are only used with factory-built chimneys made of metal, wood, or vinyl siding, rather than masonry chimneys, which rely on chimney caps. A chimney chase cover is installed at the top of the chimney to protect the entire system from the elements. Products. Give us a call at 704-839-0329 to get started! Chimney Caps Expert have made custom chimney chase covers for the homes and businesses in this area for over 25 years. A custom chase cover fits your chase perfectly – with options just right for you. It is typically a rectanglularly-shaped piece that covers the top of your chimney made of brick, wood, vinyl or metal siding. However, most people are unaware of the vital purpose they serve and, sometimes, aren’t even entirely sure what they are. Chimney chase covers are typically made from low grade steel, which will rust over a short period of time. Overview. Chimney chase covers come in different designs based on how many flue systems are being vented through your chimney. Learn More. Our chimney pros have been repairing and replacing chimney chase cover in St. Louis for over 25 years! A chimney chase cover is a cap that seals off the top of a wood framed or brick laid chimney chase. Concrete crowns cover the entirety of the chimney top (except the flue) and protect the chase from the elements, especially water. If you have a factory-made chimney, you likely have a chase cover. Finally, they help block downdrafts. The chase cover, often confused with the chimney cap is different entirely, but many use the two terms interchangeably, adding to the confusion. No nonsense. Chimney Chase Cover- Fix Your Leaking Chimney Chase covers are designed to cover the top of a pre-fab or brick chimney. The cap must be UL listed to work with the chimney … You may have no idea what a chimney chase cover is, but it’s actually an important part of your chimney. The chase is essentially a metal version of a chimney stack, and will typically come with a standard chase cover. Commonly made of metal, wood or vinyl siding, chase covers go on top of the chase – the exterior part of the chimney that extends from the house over the roof.
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