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or scale factor (S.F.)? Content : 1. )a = length of drawing in cm actual length in cm area of drawing in cm² actual area in cm² = v = volume as per drwg in cm³. = Dimension of an object on sheet / Actual dimension of an object. Conventional Practices for Orthographic and Sectional Views (Full and Half Section) 2. CHAPTER 7 SAMPLE CALCULATIONS. CHAPTER 6 ENGINEERING DRAWINGS. Ans37:-The ratio of the drawing size of an object to its actual size is called the Representative fraction. Q37 – What is the representative fraction (R.F.) use following formulas for the calculations in this topic. Use of plane scales and Representative Fraction. 1:50000 can be shown as 1/50000 as well. Conventional Practices for Orthographic and Sectional Views (Other Type Sections) 3. What is R.F in Engineering drawing? It is a ratio of any dimension of the object shown in the drawing to that of the actual dimension of the object. Methods for converting toleranced dimensions to SI are presented. 5. Introduction to Engineering Graphics, Drawing instruments and accessories, BIS - SP 46. ME 111: Engineering Drawing Lecture 3 05-08-2011 SCALES AND Engineering Curves Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati Guwahati – 781039. x max. When a 1 cm long line in a drawing represents 1 Rationale: Engineering Drawing is an effective language of engineers. Engineering drawing II tutorial solution is prepared to help engineering students to score good marks in the IOE Exam. Representative fraction The ratio of the dimension of the element in the drawing to the dimension of the same element in the object is called the representative fraction. representative fraction (r.f. Engineering Drawing is one of the basic courses to study for all engineering disciplines. The full form of R.F is representative fraction. R.F. Elementary Engineering Drawing by N.D.Bhatt Charotar Publishing.Importance of Engineering Drawing, Scales: Representative Fraction, Type of. 2. here the ratio called representative factor is more than unity. A Text book of Engineering Drawing Plane Solid Geometry N.D. Bhatt.Dhananjay A Jolhe, Engineering Drawing, Tata McGraw Hill, 2007. The length and width of the field, on the map is 10 Isometric Drawing 4. NPTEL provides E-learning through online Web and Video courses various streams. The primary problem faced in learning and teaching of engineering drawing is the limited availability of text books that focus on the basic rules and length to be measured in cm. Representative Fraction (RF) - Fractional Scale - Ratio Scale: 1:50000 represents the map scale as a mathematical ratio or fraction, thus the name ratio scale or fractional scale. Depending on R.F, scales can be divided into three categories: 6. Its representative fraction (RF) is _____ 1/100 16 The size of the letter is described by its _____ height 17 The area of a field is 50000 m2. b length of scale (in cm) = r.f. R.F=(Drawing dimension / actual dimension) Classification of scales depending on R.F. GUJARAT TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY Engineering Graphics 1. ME111: Engineering Drawing ... A line of 1 meter length is shown by 1 cm on the drawing sheet. Here such a scale means that one unit of measurment on the map is equal to 50000 of the same unit on the ground. Representative fraction definition is - a map scale in which figures representing units (as centimeters, inches, or feet) are expressed in the form of the fraction 1/x (as 1/250,000) or of the ratio 1:x to indicate that one unit on the map represents x units (as 250,000 centimeters) on the earth's surface. 10mm 1 metre 10mm 1000mm = = 1 100 Suppose a line of 10 mm length in drawing represent 1 mm length of object R.F. Q38 – What are the main uses of scale? The use of SI units in engineering drawings, including "dual dimensioning", is covered in this chapter. Definition A scale is defined as the ratio of the linear ... Representative fraction (R.F.)
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