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Sean Combs ; Born : Sean John Combs November 4, 1969 New York City, U.S. Other names : Puff Daddy Diddy P. Diddy Puffy After his death, his fans are in shock, and its quite hard to believe that he is no more. You can listen to some of Kevin Samuels podcasts here: The Roommates Podcast Being a High Value Man. Who is Lil Soup? Kylie Jenner shows off REAL post-baby body in tight sports bra during workout just three months after giving birth, Kendall Jenner goes BRALESS in thin white t-shirt as she enjoys galloping ride on her horse after star posed topless, Naomi Judd death LATEST Husband Larry Strickland and longtime friend Dolly Parton pay tribute to country star, Kardashian fans shocked as key family members are 'MISSING' from Kim's son Psalm's birthday party, Inside Kim Kardashian & Kanye West's son Psalm's 3rd Hulk-themed birthday party featuring a green slime station & pinata. A black Christian who came from a Christian family, he was raised in a Christian environment. Kevin Samuels attended the University of Oklahoma and later transferred to Oklahoma State University to study chemical engineering. The majority of his income he earned from his profession as a Youtuber, Image Consultant, Dating Expert, Life Coach, and Social Media Influencer. What is Kevin Samuels' Net Worth? He described himself as an image consultant on Instagram and earned nearly $10,000 for each consult. He started earning big bucks from his corporate jobs and then from his popularity, YouTube, social media, and brand endorsements. He started publishing essays about dating, which is how he came to be known as a dating guru. But we have mentioned a few cars, that Kevin Samuels owned: According to the reports, Kevin Samuels was a vibrant personality, and at the time of his death, he was residing in America. According to reports, Kevin Samuels parents got separated when he was a child and he was closer to his mom than his father. He was an active organization member and participated in various events and fundraisers. Samuels likes to wear sunglasses by Ray-Ban and can always be seen with a pair. His Relationship Rumors. The estimated net worth of Kevin Samuels is $2-3 million dollars as of 2021. Kevin Samuels Net Worth in 2023 is $4 Million USD Dollars. The top-tier apartments provide breathtaking skyline views from private balconies or floor-to-ceiling windows and are ideal for working from home. He collapsed and was taken to a hospital but could not be resuscitated. Lets take a look at his career and net worth. Kevin Samuels graduated with a degree in Chemical Engineering and he worked as Business Manager and Consultant before finding success as a career coach and YouTuber. Kevin Samuels (born 13 March 1965, Age: 56 years) is an American Youtuber, Life Coach, ImageKnow More Kevin Samuels was one of the rich social media influencers in the country and he had some luxurious cars including. According to some media stories, he has too many girlfriends to count and frequently has them. Kevin Samuels' net worth was built on a career as a media consultant, lifestyle coach, and YouTuber. Whitney Simmons Net Worth 2023 Income, Salary, Career, Bio, Kelly McGillis Net Worth (Updated 2023) Bio Overview. Kevin Samuels Height, Weight & Physical Appearance, Kevin Samuels Wife, Girlfriend & Children. How Kevin Samuels Made Money Kevin Samuels makes most of his money as a social media influencer. His YouTube videos have achieved a massive following, with his recent work Are Modern Women Doomed? A World Without Men?, Is This The Future? and Do Modern Women Want More Than They Deserve? each garnering hundreds of thousands of views. Samuels is rumored to have been related to Brittany Renner. Kevins fans are unable to wrap their deads around his passing as he seemed healthy and even shared a video on Instagram less than a day ago. [14] Several prominent guests such as Minaj,[15] Marlon Wayans, and Tamar Braxton showed support for his work. His net worth was primarily derived from his YouTube following and influencer success. At the time of his death, he was thought to have had a net worth of around $4 million. His online consultancy led him to become a media sensation in the digital world through his influence as an online media influencer. Reports also indicate that Samuels' image consultancy business charged as much as $10,000 per client. One fan tweeted: Sad to hear of #KevinSamuels transition to the ancestors at such a young age..may you rest in eternal Paradise brother and may the ancestors guide and protect your loved ones. That report had originated from a Twitter comment in which someone claimed to have inside knowledge of Samuels passing from responding officers that had been on the scene. Samuels talked about dating advice in an interview he gave to the No Jumper channel. Kevin Samuels got famous after some of his videos giving relationship advice to black women went viral. He has kept her identity secret; she is now 22 years old. As of February 2023, Kevin Samuels net worth was $4 million at his death. As of 2021, Kevin Samuels net worth is projected to be around $3 million. As of Binh Ho is a Vietnamese-American businessman who is the hot subject of HBO Max new reality show House of Ho. People began approaching Kevin Samuel and asking him about their love life and how they may pursue their loved ones without any hustle. CONTROVERSIAL YouTuber Kevin Samuels has died aged 56. Kevin Samuels makes most of his money as a social media influencer. Rumors of Kevin's death began circulating on Thursday, May 5. As of 2022, Kevin Samuels net worth is estimated to be around $3-$4 million. This elite building is located in what is probably Atlantas most prestigious neighborhood area. While growing up Kevin was obsessed with fashion as well as lifestyle and he did his best to make statements with what he was wearing. As a consultant for The Real Yellow Pages, Kevin has moved on from media consulting to working as a media analyst. The influencer also earned a lot of his money through his YouTube channel Kevin Samuels where he has over 1.4 million subscribers. Official Website http://www.bykevinsamuels.com, Your email address will not be published. Kevin Samuels has reportedly been married twice, with each marriage ending in divorce. He made a YouTube account in 2015 but started posting videos in 2016. When To Expect Gate Season 3 Release Date? You will be missed. I have made some money on YSense so I can safely recommend it without thinking twice.ysense earnings. Kevin Samuels true relationship status remains unknown. Forbes. Official website of Kevin Samuels: http://bykevinsamuels.com/. He rose to popularity in 2020 and was considered a polarizing figure based on his YouTube and Instagram live streams discussing modern society and relationships. [10] According to the medical examiner's report Samuels had hypertension, which contributed to his death. He accompanied her to a high-end fashion store and picked her out an entire ensemble and at the end of the experience, she was so pleased with how she looked. In 2022, Kevin Samuels will have a net worth of $5 Million. His videos often sparked outrage across social media, including one of his most popular videos called "Modern Women Are Average at Best?". pic.twitter.com/mrmz8MnS8a. American YouTuber and Image Consultant Kevin Samuels has sadly passed away aged 56, confirms Revolt TV. He rose to popularity in 2020 and was considered a polarizing figure based on his YouTube and Instagram live streams discussing modern society and relationships. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Copyright 2022 Regaltribune.com All Rights Reserved. The self-proclaimed lifestyle consultant kept his private life under wraps, so not much is known on that front. After graduating from Chemical Engineering, he worked in the chemical industry. He's also one of the best stand up comedians. In addition, he also is reported to have a daughter who is 21 years old, but he has not shared any information about her. Reports of his death appear to have originated from a single social media post and quickly spread online. Kevin was a controversial figure and his alleged death has sparked a battle between his fans and critics. Samuels is considered to be an expert life mentor, Image consultant, and fashion enthusiast. Heres The Truth About Rumors In The Wild. He is found all over social media, you can find him in the following platforms: Facebook: bykevinsamuels Instagram: @kevinrsamuels, A post shared by Kevin Samuels (@kevinrsamuels). After spewing more neanderthal dating theories, he told Simmons that at 5 feet 8 inches and 220 pounds, youre about the height of Emmitt Smith and Barry Sanders.. His net worth was primarily derived from his YouTube following and influencer success. Although he can write about almost everything, Jose loves working on health and technology related news. He never provided many details about his parents. RIP enjoyed his content and I hope his legacy lives on, tweeted another heartbroken fan. Destination Fear Season 5 Release Date: Is The Show Renewed? She claimed that she had spent the last night with him. A video of Renners appearance on his Instagram profile led to suspicions being raised about the actors whereabouts. Kevin Samuels Net Worth : $3-$4 Million (approx). This famous relationship advisor was reported to have been married twice, both marriages ending in divorce, according to the reports. The influencer also earned a lot of his money through his YouTube channel Kevin Samuels where he has over 1.4 million subscribers. SteveWillDoIt Net Worth 2022: You Will Be Surprised By His Wealth! Breaking News. Kevin earned his high school diploma from Millwood High School. How Are AI Tools Transforming Photography in 2023? Kevin Samuels was "born on March 13th, 1969" in Oklahoma At the time, he had been employed there for more than three years as a business development manager. We provide the resources and information you need to increase your net worth, confidence, and mindset. Wow Kevin Samuels is gone for real. Kevin Samuelss Net Worth was estimated to be around $4 million US. Feminists and other progressive thinkers criticized his views, but he stood firm in his beliefs. Former WWE Referee Dave Hebner Death Has Yet To Be Determined! Filed Under: Influencer Tagged With: Kevin Samuels, Kevin Samuels Age, Kevin Samuels Ex Wife, Kevin Samuels Net Worth, Kevin Samuels Wife. Kevin Samuels was born on March 13, 1965, in Atlanta, Georgia, the United States. She is known for playing the role of young Diana, Princess of Wales in the Netflix series The Erin Napier is an American host of the HGTV series Home Town. OK, you just broke the first rule right there, he said. Kevin Samuels is known as a love expert because of his relationship advice, yet his life appears to contradict what he says because of his two failed marriages. Kevin Samuels joined Office Depot as a business development manager and worked for 3 and a half years, even as a manager, he was able to draw in a lot of clients for the company, which made him a valuable asset. Samuels catapulted to national recognition in 2017 when he was featured on the BET News program The Mancave with Marc Lamont Hill. My Ex Still Pays My Bills The Interview with @BlujasmineMy Ex Still Pays My Bills The Interview with @Blujasmine. Its not clear if the two were dating or simply hanging out. He boasted more than 80,000. Kevin Samuels Net Worth was around $5 Million Kevin Samuels daughter was born to his first wife in Oklahoma on June 29, 2000. Although his career with the platform didnt start until 2016. From his YouTube channel, Kevin earned around $5,000 in a month and as an image consultant, his per-client salary was up to $10,000. According to reports as of 2022, Kevin Samuels has been married twice but now is single. From our research, we have found that Kevin Samuels is well off. Kevin has kept his dating life a secret for a guy who is considered an expert in dating. Why is Saturday Night Live not on tonight? Despite his education and training, when Kevin entered the working world he started in a variety of sales roles. However, he eventually dropped out of college and began working in the chemical industry. Kevin Samuels started his career as a Business Manager and after he joined YouTube in 2015, he started posting videos giving self help advice to people in the Black community. Many people and businesses have benefited from his guidance and advice. [10][11][13], Samuels was married and divorced twice. This is when Instagram account plug talk claimed that he had died from a heart attack. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. He worked as an inside advertising sales representative on the internet for two years before he left in 2011. Kevin lived in Oklahoma City and he attended Millwood High School where he completed his graduation. Samuels was sent to the hospital as his health worsened, but he didnt make it and died later. On Friday, May 6, 2022, Kevin's mother - Beverly Samuels-Burch - confirmed the death of her son but declined to share further details, per NBC. He helped people to build their multi-million dollar businesses through his suggestion and motivation. At the time of his death, he was thought to have had a net worth of around $4 million. On Friday, May 6, 2022, Kevin's mother - Beverly Samuels-Burch - confirmed the death of her son but declined to share further details, per NBC. Ruined my day!Rest in peace Kevin Samuels, I was listening to your live on youtube (and IG) just last night, thank you for everything sensei you made me a better man. She and her husband Ben currently live in Mississippi. Kevin Samuel Ex-wife Kevin Samuels revealed in an interview that he had been married twice. He is featured alongside his wife Denise Richards Mikey Williams is a successful basketball player who plays for his high school team-San Ysidro High School. He was a valuable asset to the company because of his capacity to captivate crowds. His success as an author, YouTuber, and lifestyle coach made him one of the most influential figures in the social media industry. He had made his presence felt across different social media sites through his work. Kevin Samuels was born on March 13, 1969, in Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States. According to reports, he receives $5,000 a month from his YouTube channel. Damn! Kevin Samuels was founded in 2013 as an image consulting agency. That was the turning point of Kevins career and he knew he realized that he could switch careers to do what he was passionate about. Kevin Samuel has shown that you can start anytime you are ready because age is just a number. Kevin Samuels net worth is $4 million dollars, according to reports from (Forbes). Kevin Samuelss per year salary was $500k. 6 Figures or $100,000 in salary for at least 3 years in a row. Who Is Dove Cameron Dating? If you are interested in the whole concept of making money online, you can check out some of my other posts including 10 Easy Ways to Earn Money Online without Investment, How to Earn Money from YouTube, how to earn money from Facebook and how to start a blog and make money. While his private life remains largely unknown, his legacy as a motivational speaker and relationship expert will continue to inspire and motivate others in the years to come. He started his career in public relations. After his death, his fans are in shock, and its quite hard to believe that he is no more. Unleash Tranquillity and Serenity with the Mighty CBD. Later on, he graduated from the University of Oklahoma, which is considered one of the most prestigious institutions in the world. According to documents, the relatively compact apartment is 915 square feet and contains just one bedroom and one bathroom. All Updates, Larry Ellison Girlfriend: Whom He Has Been Dating. Kevin Roshon Samuels was born on the 13th of March 1969, in Atlanta Georgia. As of 2022, Kevin Samuels Net Worth is estimated to be $4-5 Million and with more than 1.24 Million subscribers on YouTube, he makes roughly $7000 USD from YouTube Ads alone. Kevin Samuels sun sign is Pisces and as of 2022, he is 57 years old. Samuels quickly became a social media influencer and started to earn a significant income from brand integration and other business ventures. Like us on Facebook atwww.facebook.com/TheSunUSand follow us from our main Twitter account at@TheSunUS, News Group Newspapers Limited in England No. According to our calculations Kevin Samuels YouTube ad revenue itself would be somewhere close to $7000 per month. However, despite his features and physical attributes that still made him appear young, we concluded that Kevin Samuels is 52 years old as per multiple media sources. There was a time when no one knew Kevin Samuel, but now everyone knows about Kevin Samuel, including their families. Kevin then left the Yellow pages behind and he set up his image consultancy firm in Atlanta Georgia. He also was the brand ambassador and owned a self-titled company. He was reportedly found unresponsive in his home. You are heavier than a man your height. Kevin Samuels' net worth is $4 million dollars, according to reports from ( Forbes ). After moving to Atlanta, Having began offering clients advice on everything ranging from personal shopping choices to private styling, brand integration as well as interview coaching under his bannerman image consultant.