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The museum is expected to open in 2021. Another Article From Us: Incredible Find: Perfectly Preserved Ship Discovered By Divers. There are other ways to learn about history and culture than disturbing the dead, archaeological digs do in essence the same thing without intentionally ripping open … Archaeologists in Egypt have opened an ancient mummy coffin in front of a live audience. Uploaded October 05, 2020. It's very disrespectful imo, death and the afterlife was obviously very important to them thus why they had such intricate burials. Terms of Use We've received your submission. 'White people' slammed for opening ancient Egyptian mummy tomb October 6, 2020 | 9:47am | Updated October 7, 2020 | 8:58am. When that longed-for day finally arrives, travelling to Egypt to see these sarcophagi, and every other site from ancient times, is something many tourists will be anxious to do. When I die, keep white people away from me.”, Another Twitter user agreed: “It’s super disrespectful because the entire reason they were buried in these was so they could be guided to the afterlife and we were kinda just like haha no.”, Yet another outraged viewer commented that “It’s even worse than that. Saqqara, south of Cairo, is home to the first pyramid ever built, and recently archaeologists ere thrilled by the discovery of 27 more sarcophagi, or coffins, laying deep within two burial shafts. By Callum Hoare PUBLISHED: 08:42, Fri, Jan 31, 2020 Understandably, the internet is losing its mind and freaking out (just a tad) about how 2020 is not the year to do that. — were in pristine condition thanks to a protective seal that preserved them over the centuries, Mostafa Waziri, secretary-general of Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities, told Reuters. Ancient Egyptian Tomb Opened For First Time In 2,500 Years! However, the angry online masses seemed clueless that the archaeological team behind the discovery was actually of Egyptian heritage. The coffins will be transferred to the new Grand Egyptian Museum in Giza for display. The tomb of Queen Meresankh III in Giza is among four historic sites that have opened for virtual tours. So this is more than just disrespectful, it’s the equivalent of ripping someone out of heaven.”. Does anyone know which tombs are open in 2020… They believed that your afterlife only lasted as long as your body does. Privacy Notice The find triggered … Archaeologists opened a coffin with a well-preserved mummy wrapped in cloth inside. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. One day, eventually, the coronavirus will be in the world’s rear view mirror. It dates back 4,400 years, and was unmarred by time or vandalism, a chronic problem at some digs. October is the month when tourism begins booming in Egypt, and visitors from countries around the world traditionally line up to see and visit the pyramids and exhibitions of ancient tombs and other antiquities. Egypt unveils ancient sarcophagus, tomb World's oldest cheese found in Egypt, but you don't want to eat it From ancient Egypt to Queensland rainforest, the baffling mystery of Ptolemy's coin Initially 13 were found, but persistence and dedication rewarded the experts with a trove of 14 more. “We’re trained very early on to think that mummies and tombs need unearthing, but its kind of sad that even in death POC can’t escape the prying and opportunistic advances of white people,” wrote one commenter in a Twitter thread with nearly 150,000 likes and thousands of retweets and comments. ... archaeologists announced the discovery of a 4,400-year-old tomb near the pyramids. by Ankita Chandra. The mummies were found earlier this year during an excavation in Saqqara, which is ... entirely factual to say that all excavators of the tomb were dying as only six of the total 26 people present when the tomb was being opened died within a decade. Archaeologists in Egypt said Saturday they had found 59 well-preserved and sealed wooden coffins over recent weeks that were buried more than 2,500 years ago. Everyone is making the same Brendan Fraser joke as Egyptian mummy’s tomb is opened for the first time in 2,500 years. The few that survive are almost legalistic in structure. Prior discoveries included a cache of mummified lions, cats and crocodiles. The colours used to paint hieroglyphs are still vibrant, and the statues of pharaohs in the tomb are undamaged. Mummy tomb dating back 2,500 years ago opened in Egypt; watch BBC News reports that the two small tombs, estimated to … Today, we know this is far from true, though. Social-media watchdogs are slamming “white people” for unearthing a 2,500-year-old mummy from its tomb in the sprawling Saqqara necropolis of Egypt. Archaeologists in Egypt crack open 2,500-year old mummy coffin, video goes viral ... 2020. Ancient Egyptian Tomb Opened For First Time In 2,500 Years! Sarah Deen Tuesday 6 Oct 2020 12:08 pm. Egypt is famous for many things, but perhaps it is globally best known for, and treasured as, the home of the great pyramids, tombs of ancient kings and many artifacts and antiquities from thousands of years ago. In an effort to boost tourism, Egypt has opened up two ancient tombs in the southern Nile city of Luxor. This story has been shared 65,377 times. 65,377, This story has been shared 56,850 times. A 5000-year-old royal tomb in Egypt is among four historic sites that have opened for virtual tours, while people are experiencing travel restrictions due… EGYPT archaeologists were stunned after opening a tomb for the first time in 4,000 years in Qubbet el-Hawa, revealing an incredible find within. ... Egypt, Saturday, Nov. 14, 2020. As for the coffins, they'll be brought to the soon-to-be-opened Grand Egyptian Museum in Giza. That’s why they went to all the trouble of mummification in the first place. The archaeological discovery included 3 tombs in the Malawy region. Your California Privacy Rights Millions of tourists flock to Egypt every year to take in these sites, all of which are awe inspiring, beautiful and historically important. They were buried in three 30- to 40-foot shafts, along with 28 statues of the ancient Egyptian god Seker, Reuters reported. 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All Rights Reserved, Rare 5,000-year-old artifact from the Great Pyramid found, Isaac Newton’s burnt ‘Great Pyramid’ notes reveal secret quest to predict apocalypse, Clink-opatra: Photographer busted after sexy pyramid shoot with model in Egypt, Egyptian inventor trials robot that can test for COVID-19, Playing outside is ‘snow’ problem for paraplegic pups, Best Valentine's Day gift baskets 2021: 23 ideas for all your Valentines, 10 at-home fitness apps on sale right now, Diane von Furstenberg takes up to 30 percent off wrap dresses, outerwear and more, Best board games for adults 2021: 32 fun games to liven up any party, Buy two floor plants for $200 during limited-time sale. While they do exist, examples of ancient Egyptian tomb curses prove rare. Archaeologists examine a mummy inside a newly discovered coffin on November 14, All the coffins are wooden, with delicately painted hieroglyphs in vivid colours. Anyone hoping to visit Saqqara – or any of the other amazing sites in Egypt – should check their home country’s government website regarding air travel, as well as Egypt’s. The site is one of Egypt’s most popular tourist destinations, and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And as a second wave of the virus begins engulfing large swaths of the world, some countries have once again adopted strict measures to limit the spread among citizens. Archaeologists discovered 59 coffins belonging to Egyptian priests and officials from the 26th dynasty in August south of Cairo — and they went on display Saturday. In a statement recently released by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, the Egyptian government said, “Initial studies indicate that these coffins are completely closed, and haven’t been opened since they were buried” approximately 2,500 years ago. One tomb was opened in front of reporters to reveal the mummy inside. 52,034, © 2021 NYP Holdings, Inc. All Rights Reserved Join 1000s of subscribers and receive the best Vintage News in your mailbox for FREE, Incredible Find: Perfectly Preserved Ship Discovered By Divers, Police arrest a 72-year-old “suburban grandfather” suspected of being the Golden State Killer, “I’m not dead yet”: some Buddhist monks followed self-mummification, Project Azorian: Howard Hughes’ secret mission, 1960s U.S. satellite that started transmitting again in 2013, The “Walk of Shame” in Game of Thrones historical inspiration, The only unsolved skyjacking case in U.S. history might have a break, Kurt Gödel became too paranoid to eat and died of starvation, “Little Ease”: One of the most feared torture devices in the Tower of London, The humble English girl who became Cora Pearl, Walt Disney softened the original Snow White story. Archaeologists will continue opening the coffins and studying their contents before their eventual display at the Grand Egyptian Museum, expected to open next year, Waziri said. Experts said the coffins had not been opened since they were ... is an ancient … Egyptian antiquities officials on … For those who work as archaeologists, Egypt is a precious stop in career development; being allowed to work at one of the many digs occurring in the country is a professional highlight, one that experts strive for but not all are lucky enough to attain. The sensational journalism surrounding Tutankhamen’s tomb and the “curse of the pharaohs” contributed to a widespread belief that all Egyptian tombs contained curses. EGYPT experts were thrilled to uncover a funeral mask in the sand outside the location of a new tomb, leading one to even claim it 'was more beautiful that Tutankhamun's' mask. Your Ad Choices The tomb is open to visitors for the first time since its discovery in 1940.An ancient Egyptian tomb hidden away from public eyes for more than 80 years has opened near Giza, the home of the ancient pyramids. “Idk if Im talking out my ass but something about this feels evil. Do Not Sell My Personal Information, Your California Privacy Rights On January 30, the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities Khaled el-Enani, announced the first archaeological discovery in 2020 in the Al-Ghuraifah area in Minya. The Pyramids of Giza, Egypt. The coffins — hailing from the Pharaonic Late Period (664-525 B.C.) Egyptian Minister of Tourism and Antiquities Khaled al-Anany (left) and Secretary-general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities Mostafa Waziri (right) examine a sarcophagus discovered at Saqqara Necropolis, Giza, Egypt today. While Egypt lifted most restrictions on incoming visitors July 1st, all must present documentation proving that they’ve received a negative test for coronavirus within the previous 96 hours of arriving. Scheduled to open in 2021, the museum will host thousands of artifacts, including some of the numerous finds that archeologists have dug up in recent years. The site is home to some of the most extraordinary finds in modern archaeology. The Untouched 4,000-Year-Old Egyptian Tomb of Mehu Opens to the Public. A video of the act has now gone viral with nearly 20 million views on Twitter as of Tuesday night. They launched their dig amid the 11 pyramids of Saqqara in 2018. 56,850, This story has been shared 52,034 times. This is hampering economic recovery not just in Egypt, of course, but in other countries that are heavily dependant on tourism dollars to keep their economies thriving. In fact, tourism is a vital part of the economy in Egypt, and while travel restrictions were revamped in July to encourage people to come, the coronavirus has caused many to adopt a ‘wait and see’ approach to travel. The lockdown comes with its own benefits — for one, it lets you travel to far and distant lands from your couch and with a single click of a button. Egyptian archeologists open one of the sarcophagi. The necropolis at which the 27 coffins were found is part of the vast, 3,500 year old burial site. As soon as officials allowed visitors to tour the tomb, it became a hugely popular stop for all – school children, amateur historians, and just about everyone with even a passing interest in Egypt’s ancient culture. Thanks for contacting us. But it went viral not because it's awesome but because people are jokingly (kind of) concerned that Tutankhamun’s mummy remains on display within the tomb in the Valley of the Kings in the KV62 chamber, his layered coffins replaced with a climate-controlled glass box. Credit: EGYPTIAN MINISTRY OF TOURISM AND ANTIQUITIES. Experts say this recent find is the biggest one of its kind, adding significantly to its importance and the value of the Saqqara excavation. Ancient Egyptian Tomb Opened for First Time in 2,500 Years Oct 5, 2020 Ian Harvey Credit: EGYPTIAN MINISTRY OF TOURISM AND ANTIQUITIES Egypt is famous for many things, but perhaps it is globally best known for, and treasured as, the home of the great pyramids, tombs of ancient kings and many artifacts and antiquities from thousands of years ago. Do Not Sell My Personal Information. In 2018, the Supreme Council of Antiquities announced a tomb had been found at Saqqara in “near perfect” condition, according to a press release. BROKEN? The find comes on the heels of a nearly seven million (USD) restoration project done at Djoser’s Step Pyramid, which was reopened to the public last March. Sarcophaguses excavated by the Egyptian archaeological mission are displayed during a press conference today at the Saqqara necropolis. Archaeologists in Egypt have opened up a mysterious ancient ‘cursed’ black granite sarcophagus. This Five-Thousand-Year-Old Egyptian Tomb Has Opened for a Virtual Tour . The first coffin, containing an ancient mummy, was cracked open in front of a live audience, including foreign dignitaries and members of the media. Answer 1 of 17: I will be traveling to Egypt in March. 495,439 views. I know they open and close tombs in the Valley of the Kings to preserve the art and tomb. One of the tombs was for the Royal Treasurer and holder of the Royal Seal of Lower Egypt. Culture April 19, 2020. Disturbing video captures the moment two groups of machete-wielding men... 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